dont stop
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hey listen to my music if you want




I hope all of you end up living in houses similar to the ones you built for your sims to live in





Anonymous: I remember the time before you're first original and now someone's covering one of your songs (and doing a helluva job) How cool is that? (hasten to add I much prefer your version - moved me to tears - that's how good and the backing reminds me of Jeff Buckley (compliment) sorry you had to suffer but then you are an artist and it often seems to come with the territory. Be strong & if it's any consolation know that what you produce from it at least gives others pleasure

it’s so cool that you’ve seen me come from the horrendous music back from 2011, thanks for sticking it out haha

the way ‘I’m gone’ has affected you is so lovely to hear, obviously it’s sad yeah but i love that it made you feel something (!!!!!!!!!)
thanks again, yeah it just comes part and parcel of being creative. I constantly find myself talking to people who are in a bad place or suffer with similar things and I get excited because I’m like use it to create something good DO something that means something and yeah so thank you x

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